You understand the importance of good design in your home, the construction of your clothes, and the sleek lines of your favorite car -- so why stop at your eyewear? Glasses are accessories that serve as an extension of your personal style, just like your favorite pair of shoes, or that piece of jewelry that ties together any outfit.

Since your eyes are the first place people look when making introductions, make sure that you give a lasting impression by giving your eyewear the same consideration you do the rest of your outfit. Complete your look and define your style with fashionable frames from The Eyeglass Works--Philadelphia’s most trusted purveyor of uniquely designed, handmade eyewear.

A vacation from the ordinary

Going on holiday to a warm, tropical locale? Don't forget to pick up a pair of shades before you leave! We're currently loving the mirrored sunglasses trend,  a fun twist on classic silhouettes. Bonus: they look just as fitting on the beach sipping a pina colada as they do out sightseeing. Win, win!


smoldering summer frames

This summer, step out in a pair of smoldering shades from the best independent eyewear brands. Whether you're looking for a modern take on the cat eye frame, roadtrip-ready aviators, or head-turning oversized frames, we have all the best new styles under one roof. 


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