In an age of discount chain eyeglass stores that treat the eyewear buying process like the DMV and online eyewear sellers that sacrifice quality for fleeting trends, we’re here to bring eyewear back to basics. We combine our values with personalized service, highly-curated brands, and industry experience to offer our customers an unparalleled eyewear buying experience.


A Little Bit About Why We’re Different

Personalized Service:

When you visit The Eyeglass Works, you may come as a stranger, but you will certainly leave as a friend. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the process of finding the perfect pair of glasses, taking into consideration factors such as your budget, lifestyle, brand preference, personal style, face shape, and other needs. The result? The perfect pair of glasses, thoughtfully tailored to your unique specifications. 

Curated Brands: 

When considering whether to carry a new line, our team thoroughly vets each brand to see if they meet our rigorous design and quality expectations. Important factors include handmade production, fashionable design, high-quality materials, and durable construction--giving preference to independent eyewear brands. When you visit The Eyeglass Works, you can be assured that you are shopping the most well-curated selection of glasses in The Delaware Valley.

Industry Leaders:

Before opening his high-end eyewear boutique, The Eyeglass Works, in the 1980s, store owner Jack Goldberg was one of the original co-founders of For Eyes--helping the national chain of discount eyeglass stores become a household name. Along with his co-owner wife, Jane, the couple has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Together, they apply this experience and vast industry knowledge to everyday operations, providing you with the most discerning service and expertise.


Glasses are an extension of your style—we provide the personalized service to find the perfect pair, tailored to your unique specifications